Affordable Exotic Vacation Destinations

Published: 27th March 2011
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Potential vacationers interested in going someplace they have never been before should take advantage of cheap fares, be they cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, or cheap vacation packages and check out exotic, reasonably priced destinations.

Some of the more affordable spots include:

Dublin Ireland has been made all the more attractive because its European Union bailout has resulted in falling lodging and restaurant prices and the U.S. dollar increasing by 7 percent in value over last year. Transportation is also quite cheap. The city’s cycle share program offers bikes to rent for $2.50 for three days. June is an ideal time to visit.

Lisbon Portugal is the third city in the world, after Warsaw and Marrakech, where luxury comes cheapest according to a recent 2010 Hotel Price Index. Lisbon is well known for its vast selection of dining, shopping, and art. $5 buys a one day metro pass. Flights into the city are numerous because it is a major European hub. Spring is the best time to visit.

Tallinn Estonia has become one of Eastern Europe’s vacation hotspots. Tallinn offers impressive architecture, particularly its cathedrals in medieval Old town, funky restaurants, and happening nightlife. Liquor is particularly cheap. Tallinn sports over 7,000 events including concerts, dance festivals, and museum exhibits each year. May and June are the best months to visit.

Colombia is now safe and a major tourist draw thanks to its beautiful colonial cities, Caribbean beaches and Amazonian jungles. Airfares are down 11 percent this year in part because low cost airlines JetBlue and Spirit have started flying from the U.S. to Columbia. Bogota appeal includes many trendy boutiques, restaurants and nightclubs. April is the best month to visit.

Shanghai China offers great values and new subway lines. It is one of the easiest cities for non Chinese speaking tourists to visit. Over 100 new hotels had been built causing room rates to fall almost 50 percent from October to November. Shanghai has high speed train access to popular nearby destinations including Nanjing and Hangzhou. Late March and late October/early November are ideal times to visit.

Sri Lanka is a lush island off the southern end of India recognized for its coconut trees, wild elephants and impressive beaches. A second international airport opened last year and 30,000 hotel rooms are planned to be built over the next four year. The U.S. dollar goes a long way here where less than $1 buys a classic Sri Lankan fish curry lunch. Early April is an ideal time to visit.

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